Welcome To Apang Kalyan Kendra,Satana..
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Welcome To Apang Kalyan Kendra,Satana(M)
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An institute for physically challenged children's the most of children's came from tribal and lower socioeconomic status family . An institute provides cost free services for such children's. However funds what is ,where required came through the donations. .

SERVICES We Provided

  • Capacity -100
  • Hostel facility
  • Cost free education
  • Cost free adminission
  • Physiotherapy rehabilitation
  • Corrective surgeries

So you can also be the part of our institute in following ways)

  • Lifetime memorial dated Lunch /Dinner:- 21,000/-
  • One time sweetmeat Lunch /Dinner:- 3500/-
  • For a Day Morning Tea,breakfast,Lunch & Dinner:- 7100/-
  • Monthly First Aid and Medical Services:- 5000/-
  • Student Adoption for a annual year:- 21,000/-
  • Academic Yearly School Uniform:- 35,000/-
  • Yearly Students Night Dress:- 35,000/-
  • Single Student Corrective Surgeries for:- 25,000/-
  • Artificial Limb For a Disabled Student(5000/-) Yearly:- 50,000/-
  • One Time Tea& Breakfast:- 1500/-
  • Lifetime Memorial dated Breakfast:- 11,000/-
  • One Time Lunch /Dinner:- 2500/-

(Donations are Exempt Under Sec. 80 G of income Tax Act 1961)

Official documentations are as follows.
Reg No- 5977/PUNE & F7050 Pune.
TAN NO:- NSKK 02578C.
80G NO:- PN/CIT(Exempt.) 80G/2014.15/299.
Web Site - www.apangsatana.com.
Email_Id - balasahebgiri.bg@gmail.com.

S.B.I Account Number :- 32497062860.
Account Name :- Namdeorao Mohol Vidya & Krida Pratishthan.
MICR Code :- 423002820
IFSC Code :- SBIN0000472 (SATANA Branch)

Bank Of Maharashtra Account Number :- 20156929161.
Account Name :- Namdeorao Mohol Vidya & Krida Pratishthan.
MICR Code :- 423014006
IFSC Code :- MAHB0000239(SATANA Branch)